Each year, with your help, we build a field of flags from Memorial Day through Labor Day in honor of our active-duty military and veterans. These flags serve as tangible reminders of these American heroes’ service and sacrifice, and a physical expression of our gratitude.

Your generous gift to the Field of Flags campaign provides you with an opportunity to honor a loved one who is currently serving or has served in the U.S. Military. Gifts to the Field of Flags campaign also support our partnership with Blue Star Museums and provide year-round complimentary admission to Coggeshall Farm Museum and Old Sturbridge Village for military families.

We are proud to partner with you to recognize the active-duty military and veterans in your lives and to welcome military families to the museum free of charge in their honor. Thank you for your support for our nation and for the preservation and enjoyment of its history through Coggeshall Farm Museum.

100% of your donations submitted through the link below go to Coggeshall Farm Museum.

Share Your Military Story

Tell us more about the loved one(s) you are honoring with your donation! Or, if you are a member of the military or in a military family, share your favorite memory about visiting the Village.

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