December 2nd, 2021

Times: Coggeshall Farm Museum is open to home school families only on this day; 10:30 am to 4:00 pm. Workshops start at 11:00 and 1:00; see below for details.

Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI

Join us for Home School Day at Coggeshall Farm Museum on December 2, 2021! Explore our 48-acre salt marsh farm, meet and greet our pigs, sheep, and chickens, and participate in special themed workshops. Pre-registration for workshops is required.

Things to know:

Workshops & Registration:

Storytime and Craft | 11:00 am | $10 | Ages 4+


Join us for a reading of Tony Johnston and Tomi DePaola’s Quilt Story. After we read this classic tale, we will learn a little more about textiles in the 1830s, look at images of quilts from OSV’s collections, and then make our own fabric quilt collage.

Woodwork: Tin Punch Laundry Soap Grater | 11:00 am | $10 | Ages 7+


Sometimes, household chores start in the woodshop! Join us to build your very own laundry soap grater, a tool necessary in the pre-detergent days. A great introduction to woodworking and tin punching.

Cooking: Gourd Soup and Biscuits | 11:00 am | $10 | Ages 10+ 


The winter months are coming, and hearty food is on the menu. Join us to learn to cook a historical meal over a toasty warm fire. (Ingredients will include: Flour, baking powder, salt, butter, milk, squash, vegetable broth)

History: Herbal Medicine | 11:00 am | $10 | Ages 10+

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In the 1800s, families relied on herbs and plants from nature and their gardens to treat health ailments. Examining period books like The Frugal Housewife and The Family Nurse, we will learn about how people treated illnesses before cough medicine and antibiotics and then try our hand at making remedies ourselves.

Play with Clay | 1:00 pm | $10 | Ages 4+ 


Even though pottery is made from something as simple as clay, the soft clay goes through a big transformation to become something you can eat or drink from. We will learn about pottery in the 1790s and then hand-shape a piece of pottery to bring home using air-dry clay.

Cooking: Apple Fritters | 1:00 pm | $10 | Ages 7+  


When the apple harvest is plentiful, there are plenty of delicious snacks you can make from them! Learn how to make a historic apple fritter recipe over a fire, and learn how people would measure ingredients and read recipes! (Ingredients include: eggs, flour, sugar, ginger, milk, apples)

Fibers: From Sheep to Loom 1:00 pm | $10 | Ages 10+ 


In the 18th century, most farmers would make their own clothing. Learn about the process of making wool cloth by hand, starting at the source- sheep! Students will learn all processes, from cleaning and carding, to spinning and weaving. Students will also have the chance to take some work home.

Intro to Historic Woodworking 1:00 pm | $10 | Ages 10+ 


Winter is the time for projects and farm improvement! Discover a world of woodworking in Coggeshall Farm Museum’s woodshop. Learn about a variety of historic tools and try your hand at using them.