By interpreting life on a 1790s salt-marsh tenant farm, Coggeshall Farm Museum serves the local community as a living history museum and vital educational resource. Historically, a barn was vital to the family, neighbors, and community who relied on the food the farm provided. The completion of the Tyska Barn at Coggeshall Farm Museum represents a commitment to our Rhode Island community through an invigorated farm operation, dynamic school and family programs, and enhanced experiences for our members and visitors. The new Barn will leverage the possibilities of Coggeshall’s dynamic and evolving partnership with Old Sturbridge Village and serve as the centerpiece of the Farm’s agricultural and educational programs.

We completed Phase 1 of the project, initial construction, with over $150,000 in contributions from generous donors. Phase 2, bringing the Barn to life with animals, programs, and an enhanced visitor experience, will require an additional $250,000. With your support, the Tyska Barn will provide Coggeshall Farm Museum with a modern facility to engage the communities of Bristol, southeastern New England, and beyond.

To learn more or contribute, contact Jim Dyer at 508-347-0281 or