Coggeshall Farm Museum

Events, Programs and Workshops

Coggeshall Farm Museum’s year-round events, workshops and special programs offer something for every age and interest.

Whether you enjoy attending major festivals or prefer the intimate experience of a hearthcooking workshop, you'll find something that's just the right fit for you, your family and your friends. We hope you'll join us soon!

We are open Tuesday through Sunday from Memorial Day through Labor Day, weekends February vacation through Memorial Day and Labor Day through December 15. We are open by appointment only from December 15 to February vacation. We are happy to book group tours or workshops with advance registration. Daily demonstrations and activities are free to members and regular admission for nonmembers, with certain exceptions. For hours and admission information, go to our Visit Us page. For information on joining Coggeshall, visit our Membership page.

Summer Programming

It is the best time of year- summer! Join Coggeshall staff programs showcasing the daily lives of 1790s salt marsh tenant farmers. The summer schedule is below, but stay tuned for special programming on our Facebook page where we will announce special schedules at the beginning of each week. Please note that schedule is subject to change.

Tuesdays: Hearth cooking starting at 11:00 am, various domestic tasks throughout the day. 

Wednesdays: Storytime starting at 10:30 am, various domestics at 1:00pm

Thursday: Woodworking at 11:00am, workyard tasks throughout the day.

Friday: Woodworking at 11:00am, Pasture walk @1:00pm

Saturday: Wake Up the Barnyard @ 9:00 am (see below), domestic tasks throughout the day, pasture walk @1:00pm

Sunday: "Garden Day"- garden programming from 10 am - 2 pm, domestic tasks throughout the day, pasture walk @1:00pm

Domestics include: hearthcooking, cleaning, spinning, weaving, sewing, pickling, cheese making, dying, laundry.


Wake up the Barnyard is back! Saturday mornings, join us bright and early to help get our animals ready for the day. Starting promptly at 9:00 am, visitors can help feed and groom our animals for a unique behind the scenes experience. 

Story Time

Wednesday mornings, join Michelle for a special children's story time on the grounds. Choose from one of our children's books, or bring your own!

Pasture Walk

Another chance to get close to our animals, the pasture walk takes visitors our into Coggeshall's pastures to see our livestock graze. Please wear comfortable shoes and long pants! 

Hearth Cooking

Learn about the 18th century diet, cooking, perserving, and all things food! From bread to pickled turnips, our kitchen is your kitchen. 


Help us complete carpentry tasks around the farm. Build fences, split wood, or try your hand at sawing.


The garden is a busy place all summer long- we need help watering, feeding, planting, and harvesting! While Sunday is our "Garden Day," there is something to do in the garden every day! 


Home and Hearth Workshops

Coggeshall Kids and Teens

Children and teens can try their skill at 18th-century games, learn to sew by hand, make candles or lip balms, cook over the hearth or learn about caring for animals or gardening. Find out more.

Adults, Family and Friends

Would you like to enjoy a candlelit dinner that you cooked over the hearth with your friends or family? Interested in learning about heirloom gardens or wood processing? Find out more.


Children’s Programs

Birthday Parties
for large or small groups

Treat the birthday child and his or her friends to a day at the farm. We'll introduce them to our cows, sheep, turkeys and chickens, and they can learn a craft or simple woodworking skills. You can eat your birthday lunch and cake in our historic farmhouse around the hearth, and they can dress up as 18th-century kids. E-Mail Eleanor to schedule a date.